Changing times demand changing ways. Learning from home is going to stay the norm for quite some time in your child’s life now, at least for the foreseeable future.

While coping with online education, it must be quite a challenge for you to recreate a school-like learning environment at home. While it is near-impossible to recreate the same enthusiasm and fun your child has with friends in school, you can at least return the joy of learning with a school-like experience at home. Stationery products are those links to education that have the potential to recreate an optimal learning environment at home.

Equip your child with these 5 stationery essentials to recreate a school-like learning experience in online schooling.

  1. Height-appropriate furniture

As basic as it sounds, your child comfortably sits and learns in school because of height-appropriate desks and chairs. While you may have moved a few things around to create the perfect work-from-home set-up, your child may be finding it hard to adjust to a home learning environment, sheerly because of uncomfortable seating and writing set-ups.

Make the transition smoother for your child. Invest in a good quality height-appropriate desk and chair to facilitate focused learning.

  1. Subject-specific exercise books

With no strict monitoring from teachers, your child may easily mix up notes if provided with generic single-lined notebooks. Instead, equip your child with subject-specific exercise books with the different ruling to suit different writing needs. This will help differentiate and organize notes better.

Check out Sinarline’s superior quality, durable Exercise Books with strong binding and waterproof covers in attractive designs. Our Exercise Books are available in single-line, double-line, four-line, Arabic ruling and square styles to suit different subject needs.

  1. Count-down timer/Alarm clock

The one thing that instils discipline in your child in school that may be lacking at home is a pre-defined schedule. Doing things as and when planned keeps your child grounded and prepares your child to get into learning mode when it’s time. While teachers do their best to keep the same going by beginning and ending online classes on time (which may or may not go according to plan sometimes), you can recreate the experience of a school bell with a timer that goes off after each pre-fixed periods of time. It is a great way to ensure your child does not slip into a lethargic mood in between learn-from-home hours.

  1. Art supplies

No learning is complete without creativity! Most schools recognize this, which is why art classes are also a part of the online schooling experience. Equip your child with all required art stationery supplies to help him/her shine when it is time. Pencils for shading, colour pens, paints, brushes, mixing palette, and most importantly, a good quality drawing book are a must!

Check out Sinarline’s range of drawing books to pick the best one that suits your child’s needs. They are available in folding and spiral-bound styles, in both landscape and portrait orientations with a differing number of pages. Our superior quality white and bright sheets with optimized thickness bring your child’s artwork to life!

  1. Fancy paper

Assignments are a thing of prestige to a student of any age. Just because they do it from home doesn’t mean they need to get any less enthusiastic about submitting assignments and project work. Instead of making your child write on plain paper, keep the excitement at its peak with designer paper with fancy borders and background designs against rulings.

Check out Sinarline designer papers and pick the one your child finds the most suitable to his/her taste!

Sinarline offers a wide range of exercise books, spiral subject notebooks, drawing books, diaries and designer paper for school-going students. Check them all out to find trendy cover designs that inspire your child to write their dreams in!

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