Most Middle Eastern countries/cities have begun to follow the hybrid model of schooling with 2 days a week in school and the rest from home by attending online lectures. For children, learning at home may seem difficult as this kind of learning isn’t something they are used to.
Added is the distraction in a non-classroom environment and parental interference that could make them conscious about their behavior. This may result in your kid not learning at the same pace at which they used to in a traditional classroom.
There are various things a parent should consider with respect to online learning. To make homeschooling easier, several organizations are coming up with online learning solutions. The trend, as we see, is with British and another leading curriculum that lets such organizations bring the best tutors with great track records on board to supplement your child’s education.
An academic scholar based in Kuwait & founder of (online learning platform for IGCSE & CBSE students) Dr. Ayesha Shaikh says, “Parents should take online learning a bit easy, their concerns are welcomed, but it mostly affects the overall learning experience of their kids. More interference also disturbs tutors and trainers. You should let your kids learn the way they used to in school, let them enjoy learning, and when they are done with the lectures you can ask the way used to ask when they went to school!”

Here are a few tips for parents that can be followed to maximize their online learning experience instead of distracting them.

1. Give them space to learn

Whichever age group they fall in, make sure you are following instructions from the school. Unless and until they want the supervision of parents, don’t get involved. If you have younger kids, you may like to see how they do, all you should do is coordinate with the teachers.

2. Create a school like learning environment

Make sure to get stuff that would make them feel like school. From putting up a chalkboard on the wall to having a clean space with a desk would help a lot. Also, consider investing in stationery(to be linked with our school stationery page) that your kids can use to practice.

3. Extend your support to teachers
It is super important that you are on the same page with the teachers. Try to make them believe you are part of the process, and you are there to support them. Online teaching can become even difficult for experienced teachers while they are thinking they are on a continuous watch.

4. Make sure you have space for your kids to participate in physical activities

It is crucial these days to have your kids involved in physical activities. Encourage them to participate with teachers when they share physical exercises. Let them have some fun time and get their brains pumped up.

There is no single rule to success, we are living in unprecedented times. Creating a supportive environment for your kids and even teachers would help in the long run. How are you coping with complete online schooling or hybrid learning models? Let us know in the comments below.

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