The benefits of art for kids are many and include problem-solving abilities, creativity, literacy, fine motor skills, connection, and understanding. Studies show that art-making is beneficial for developing a child’s oral motor and expressive communication skills. It is the primary reason why the largest organized art activities at schools are tied to literacy instruction. Art learning is a powerful way to help children work through their emotions.

Art helps children discover themselves as they express their unique selves. Here are 5 ways in which art impacts a growing child’s life:

1. Art helps connect

Art is a great tool to express early on. It becomes a medium of communication when language usage is absent or hasn’t developed fully. It is an equalizer that can help connect children who may have nothing in common. Art surpasses language, culture, class, and other barriers. Art can help discover vibes that resonate at any age. It becomes the bridge that brings together different individuals to foster friendships through a mutually shared interest.

2. Art instils creativity

Art encourages thinking outside the proverbial box, hence helping children become better problem solvers in the future. Major breakthroughs in life are linked to a creative mindset.
With the kind of new challenges the world faces every day, we need more creative thinkers to come up with solutions to newly arising problems. Encourage the artist in your child to bring out an original thinker, discoverer and innovative problem solver.

3. Art builds better motor skills

It is no secret that art engages a child’s senses early on and helps kindle a curious mindset that encourages more such activity. Continuously indulging in art means a child picks up a pencil, crayon and brush, squeezes paint out of a tube, mixes colours, picks materials and more such physical activity that makes him/her aware of the physical world around. This helps a child gain more control over motor skills early on, as well as develop a better spatial understanding.

Children who take up art learn to recognise and use daily articles more easily.

4. Artistic imagination ensures a growth mind-set

Growth mindset is a much-desired quality in high-profile employees, managers and other important stakeholders across industries today. Art helps children develop a flexible approach that in turn encourages a life-long growth mind-set.
Artists are known to be more open-minded, more accepting of different points of view and keen learners. Those children who have an inclination for art also grow up to be innovators who experiment with different techniques and are more likely to explore combinations of different kinds of ideas.

5. Art helps to ground you in an overwhelming world

In a fast-paced life today, even adults with a fixed direction and goals struggle to stay grounded. With ever-growing options and expectations, it is getting more and more challenging for today’s children to stay calm and in touch with their inner selves.
Art soothes an individual and helps find peace in the world’s chaotic noise. This is vital to help a child stay grounded, focused and hence achieve more without getting overwhelmed. Art helps children discover themselves and find their own place in the world.

Encourage the budding artist in your child. You may just discover new common grounds to explore with the young adult he/she is growing up to be! Sinarline drawing books are an apt companion for your child’s artistic side through his/her schooling years.

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