Writing Journal – Most Thoughtful Gift for Your Child

Writing Journal – Most Thoughtful Gift for Your Child

Abound book of empty pages, waiting to be filled in with important moments out of one’s life – a journal is a great gift for anybody of any age. Especially for a child, journaling from a young age is a great practice. If cultivated early, the habit keeps giving back for the rest of his/her living days. Here’s why you should consider gifting your child a journal soon.

The most mundane activities to an adult could look different from a child’s perspective. Children observe the natural world more closely. Sensory experiences leave myriad impacts on children. Who knows what the simplest tasks could spark? Encourage your child to note down the most random of thoughts in a journal. Someday he/she could contemplate and solidify the thought to lead to something more.

A child’s life is full of fun and adventure, on a daily basis. There is so much a child appreciates. This is a beautiful stage where happiness comes in small packages and each of these moments is valued. Writing each moment down assigns a special place to it in the person’s memory. Maintaining a journal helps children develop a sense of gratitude and that goes a long way.

Journaling is the perfect creative outlet for children who like to draw or write or prefer a combination of both. A child’s journal becomes a safe haven to test out new drawings, color combinations, experiment with new words, or just jot down something new. Creative output slowly develops into complex and structured thought processes that instill clarity and problem-solving skills in the long run.

Unlike books used in schools, a journal is private, which means your child can pour out true feelings. Finding words to validate emotions feels validating. But it takes a child time and maturity to learn to communicate his/her feelings clearly. Until then a journal is a great place to express and let out feelings. This is a healthy practice one could take well into adulthood, to analyze difficult situations and solve problems.

A journal returns a lost part of you to yourself. That is perhaps the most rewarding part of maintaining a journal. Take a walk down memory lane. It could be a fond memory of summer vacation, a surprising reveal on your favorite series or the time you aced a math test. Journaling captures the fleeting moments of life forever for you to revisit. Had you written it down, you’d recall it all more instantly with a greater degree of detail. Preserve your child’s growing years from his/her point of view by handing them a journal today.

Gifting your child a journal is your way of telling them that the unique experiences they live every day are worth recording. Make your child a self-aware, strong, and responsible individual from a young age. Explore Sinarline’s range of journals to find the perfect fit for your child today!

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