With so many schools, teaching methods, and standard curricula to choose from, it may have at some point crossed the minds of several parents today that their children may be better off home-schooled. But some important life-skills your child needs are acquired only by learning in an actual school.

Here are 7 reasons why you should send your child to a regular school and forget about homeschooling!


  1. Schools mold your children. It is best to get your children accustomed to a routine from a young age. Getting used to a routine is how young children transition from attention-demanding toddlers to responsible beings. A routine helps them grow up into accountable and disciplined individuals who can stick to deadlines and value time even in personal contexts.
  2. Schools make children independent to a certain degree. Right from routine things like keeping track of their own class schedules, purchasing lunch and catching a bus to school every day to learning simple conflict resolution with peers, a school environment is instrumental to overall growth in children.
  3. Teachers in schools are better for your children’s education. They come with specialized qualifications not just in the subject matter, but in teaching itself. Besides, having taught several batches of students over the years, teachers know how to recognize and resolve a child’s learning-related issues better.
  4. Schools provide several opportunities for social interactions. This is necessary for children to pick up societal norms and develop nuances that they are sure to use to socialize casually or network for business later in life. Schools help children grow into socially aware and sensitive individuals.
  5. Schools give children an opportunity to pick up and pursue creative electives, such as music, dance, art, sports and/or theatre. Such extra-curricular activities are important during the growing years. Along with physical and mental health enhancement, these activities also turn children into creative problem solvers.
  6. Sending children to school gives them much-needed time apart from their parents and the home environment. By getting out of the comfort zone, children are forced to take on small but significant new challenges every day, which results in mental and physical growth.
  7. Most importantly, sending your children to school frees you up to be their parent. Something coming from a teacher is treated much differently than something coming from a parent. A child needs both, and it is often a struggle for parents to provide both.


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